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We wanted to use data to improve our operations. Tracking sales trends, comparing food costs and measuring changes from promotions were very important to us. Our systems allow us to do all that and more. We're just getting started.

Andy French, Aubree's Pizza Owner

Data analysis drives better restaurant management

Without timely information or the ability to analyze sales and performance data from different levels, Andy French, owner of Aubree's Pizza was flying blind as he steered the growth of the 10-location restaurant chain. Each location had a separate QuickBooks accounting system, making it very difficult to compare performance across individual restaurants and view the company results in aggregate.

To support the reporting and data analysis French was looking for, Aubree’s worked with CFO Advisors and Maner Costerisan to implement a data-driven technology platform, utilizing CFO Rapid Fire, Ctuit and Sage Intacct. Ctuit is an above-store system that pulls data from their Aloha POS system, which is then integrated with CFO Rapid Fire and ultimately with Sage Intacct (which replaced QuickBooks). CFO Rapid Fire is CFO Advisor’s financial planning and analysis service that enables adhoc analysis and at a glance views into guest trends, sales changes and cost variances.

Information French wanted to unlock, included:

  • Trends of guest purchases within the product mix to drive increased sales among various menu categories
  • Track delivery, to-go and dine-in sales trends and their impact on operations
  • The impact of various marketing efforts on guest traffic and menu interactions

A strategic approach to planning

With the consolidated financial information available through Sage Intacct, CFO Rapid Fire and Ctuit, French and the leadership team are taking a proactive approach to customer experience and growth. "It's been a big impact in terms of knowing where to focus our energy. We're not just coming up with a plan, like saying we need to grow sales 3%. We can identify our opportunities to create focus and spend real energy on a particular day or particular offering," said French.

Based on their familiarity with restaurant industry norms, CFO Advisors and Maner Costerisan set up a13-period accounting year in Sage Intacct. Using 13 periods instead of 12 provides more meaningful profit comparisons. "On a four-week cycle, every P&L statement reflects the sales and expenses of four Mondays, four Tuesdays, four Wednesdays and so on. This usually makes it much more useful in comparing current numbers to the prior period and the same period last year," explained French.

Simplify accounting processes

With Sage Intacct, CFO Advisors and Maner Costerisan, Aubree’s has streamlined accounting processes, including automatic imports from Ctuit for sales and distributor data. The bookkeeper can reconcile checkbooks in 15 minutes and close out a business at the end of each period very quickly. With automated consolidations, French has one-click access to reporting at the store as well as company level.

Automated consolidations and Sage Intacct's multi-entity tagging also support location and role-based reporting. Managers now have access to up-to-date budget and P&L reports specific to their areas of responsibility. This makes it much easier to hold those managers accountable.

Fine tuning operations

French sees more ahead in using data to fine-tune operations. "Every day we know our labor and can compare it from the same day the previous week to identify trends. We can track statistics like our sales per labor hour and compare our actual food costs to theoretical food costs. There's a lot it can do to help us improve the operations side," he said.

With the help of CFO Advisors and the Maner Costerisan consulting team, Aubree's will continue to respond proactively to changing customer tastes and grow the business.

Restaurant expertise for Sage Intacct

Maner Costerisan applies restaurant industry expertise to the flexibility of Sage Intacct. With a unique multi-entity, shared database architecture, all restaurant locations can operate independent of each other, yet can share the same chart of accounts, reports, vendors, customers, projects and more. Streamline your processes with this cloud-based financial management system.

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