Manufacturing & Distribution

I’m very happy with our decision to go with Dynamics GP and SalesPad. It’s made us more profitable and we have happier customers and employees because of it. 

Tom Robinson, General Manager & Controller, CSI Geoturf


For about 15 years, CSI Geoturf had been using Sage Pro (AccPac) ERP to manage operations and inventory. The system had several limitations causing major issues, such as no way to export data to current versions of Microsoft Excel, no way to generate PDFs and couldn't even support basic copy and paste functions within the system. Another problem was that Sage Pro couldn't integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. More important, these issues were preventing the organization from visibility across multiple locations and resulted in serious inefficiencies and manual processes. After evaluating several ERP systems-including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and possibly upgrading their existing Sage Pro system-CSI Geoturf chose Dynamics GP and Maner Costerisan as their implementation partner.


"We felt confident Dynamics GP was the right solution for us because it met all our requirements and we were already using Microsoft technologies so we knew we would get long-term support and future development. Maner Costerisan was closest to our offices which was a big benefit, but at the end of the day we felt they were very knowledgeable and would be there to hold our hand as much or as little as we wanted. And they could get us up and running before our busy season started," explained Tom Robinson, CSI Geoturf General Manager and Controller. In addition to Dynamics GP, Maner Costerisan recommended integrating SalesPad, which has proven to be a highly valuable tool for the organization. After a thorough review of CSI Geoturf's business processes, a Maner Costerisan consultant was on site every day to help setup Dynamics GP, migrate data and train users. "We came up with 15 or 20 different scenarios to try and break the system and were able to test all of them and make adjustments before we went live, which was very helpful," said Tom. 


Maner Costerisan Integrated Dynamics GP and SalesPad with Dynamics CRM for CSI Geoturf and had them up and running well in advance of the start of their busy season. As of early 2017, the organization has been using their solutions for 5 years now and still extremely pleased with the efficiencies and benefits they continue to enjoy.


CSI Geoturf is saving a significant amount of time, including:

  • 50% faster month-end closing Commission tracking went from 2 days to 15 minutes
  • Invoices out same day instead of two days
  • Several hours every month in purchasing 
  • “Immeasurable” time savings with report generation


The entire CSI Geoturf staff now has access to real-time data across all locations. “I am in love with SalesPad. Our outside sales team can roll up to a customer’s location and while sitting in the parking lot can bring a customer, their history, all of our inventory levels and walk in and have it all ready to go,” said Tom. “Inside sales can easily turn quotes into orders to invoices and our branch managers can see by location what’s happening and quickly take action on any issues.”


By integrating Dynamics GP and SalesPad with Dynamics CRM, CSI Geoturf has all the tools at their fingertips to provide a seamless customer experience. Whether customers work with an outside sales rep, call in orders or walk into one of their locations—employees can provide accurate pricing and personalized service.


In the past, CSI Geoturf had all their seasonal and special pricing for thousands of items in 3-ring binders, which sales would have to find and manually type in. Now, pricing is entered once and accessible through SalesPad, saving valuable time and reducing errors. “Our customers are much happier and it makes us look more trustworthy and above board. In fact, we’ve had almost 100% accuracy because of it and nothing falls through the cracks anymore,” Tom reports.


CSI Geoturf manufacturers and sells some assembled items which used to take a lot of manual adjustments to inventory in and out. Now they simply assemble products in Dynamics GP which automatically takes each item out of raw goods and rolls it up into finished goods.


Maner Costerisan completely streamlined commission tracking for CSI Geoturf. Instead of spending two days manually exporting data into Excel and doing tedious calculations and reviews for every line item (of sometimes 28,000 invoices per year), it’s done in 15 minutes. Reporting also saw a significant improvement. “We have access to a ton of information with dozens and dozens of stock reports at our fingertips. It’s very user friendly. In our old system we would give the owner of the company reams of paper and now we just give him a dashboard.”