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On-Demand Webinars

CPE for Lunch - Microsoft Power BI & Data Analytics

Harness the power of your organization's data using Microsoft Power BI!

CPE for Lunch - Sage Intacct Collaboration and Audit Trails

With working from home being the new normal for many organizations, it's more important than ever to be in contact with your team. Sage Intacct Collaborate is an extension built into your core instance of Sage Intacct that allows you and your team to discuss particular records directly in Sage Intacct, keeping a record of that discussion. This session will also cover the built-in audit trail functionality, which allows you to see exactly what was changed, by who, and when.

CPE for Lunch: Dynamics GP Free Stuff

In this recorded webinar you will learn about Free Add-ons and tools for Dynamics GP.  You will discover road blocks you may be facing in Dynamics GP and how to move past them. Learn reports for tracking and we will provide resources to better search and understand your Dynamics GP.

CPE for Lunch - Sage Intacct New Inter-Entity Dynamic Allocations

As your business scales, an after-the-fact allocation tool can save time and effort by dynamically generating allocations on a periodic basis. Allocating revenues and costs help an organization gain a better understanding of performance for departments, projects and more. Sage Intacct offers a native allocation solution that allows you to automate the allocation calculation tasks for routinely shifting costs or sharing revenues.

Key Finance and Reporting Issues Cannabis Companies Should Focus on as They Grow

As cannabis gains momentum across the country and in Michigan, investors and business owners face emerging challenges and opportunities. How can you ensure your business can successfully navigate the financial complexities of the industry? During this webinar learn:  How to optimize your business’ financial health through greater visibility of real-time, accurate, financial data, Why it’s critical to select the right technology to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s growth, and How dashboards, heat maps, and solution integration can help you manage your product’s grow-process-dispense lifecycle

Dynamics GP Allocation Account Webinar

Allocation accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but this feature in GP can increase efficiency and add greatly to the level of detail in your general ledger and on your financial statements. This recorded webinar will show you how to set up and use this under-utilized tool.

Are you considering a Switch to the Cloud Webinar

There are a variety of cloud ERP solutions that may meet your needs. In this recorded webinar, learn about some options that we can help navigate you through:

  • Dynamics GP in the Cloud – Interested in moving GP off of your services and into the Maner cloud? It’s a possibility!
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – Want to learn more about Microsoft’s new cloud solution and how it seamlessly integrates with Office 365?
  • Sage Intacct – Interested in hearing more about how Sage’s cloud offering and why it is the only cloud ERP solution endorsed by the AICPA?

Cloud ERP Alternatives For Dynamics GP Users Webinar

Your Roadmap to the Future The current business landscape is requiring executives and financial staff to be more agile and flexible. We want to make sure that your ERP solution is nimble and can evolve with you. Next generation cloud ERP solutions offer definite benefits especially given the digital transformation that we are seeing in today’s changing world. In this webinar, we will highlight those benefits and provide a roadmap that you can follow when you think the time is right to migrate to new software

COVID-19 Changes The Way We Do Business

During this challenging time, we know that many of you are struggling with the realities of doing business with a remote workforce. If you are one of those companies, Microsoft Teams is the answer. It makes remote collaboration a breeze. As a bonus, you can also use Teams for remote client meetings. We’re here to help you, if needed. 517.323.7500

How Restaurants Remain Profitable When Sales Are Down

If you are looking to grow, this webinar is a must. We’ll focus on why having inadequate systems is one of the most common roadblocks to growth and we’ll provide tips on how to avoid those roadblocks. Including: Lack of visibility into data, Disparate systems that are not integrated, Inadequate back office software Real time reporting, Scalability of your back office systems.

5 Ways Data-Driven Decisions Can Transform Your Restaurant Business

Is it time to transform your restaurant back office. Leveraging key business data can empower you to discover the best path for growth. In this series of short webinars we will discuss best practices and how to streamline your accounting and finance processes and data, building proven systems to leverage growth. In this first of four webinar series, join James Meyer, Partner at Maner Costerisan, and Gregg Thomas, Founder of CFO Advisors, in a discussion of the five data-driven decisions and how they can transform your restaurant business.

Why Forward Thinking Nonprofits Are Automating Expense Management

In this recorded webinar, we will identify strategies to eliminate unique pain points for expense management such as reconciling multiple credit card transactions, workflow bottleneck and enhanced visibility into spending. We will discuss how a streamlined expense reporting solution can benefit nonprofits, providing a transparent way for administrators and staff to manage, calculate, and categorize expenses.

Using Smart Technologies with Wes

With the new decade comes new tools and technologies for your organization. The days of manual data entry and processing are quickly becoming a distant memory. In this recorded webinar learn about the latest trends in business management software and how your organization can leverage them for efficiency and effectiveness gains.

CPE for Lunch - Manufacturing with D365 Business Central

Learn how small and medium sized companies can leverage D365 Business Central Manufacturing. We will review Items, BOMs, Routings and Production Order. Additionally we will show the planning worksheets that will help you schedule your production and purchase orders.

CPE for Lunch - D365 Business Central - Distribution

Learn how to use other Microsoft tools to help in your business of distribution using the Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform. How to leverage apps like Outlook, approval processes, and workflows to make your day-to-day life easier! You will learn how to make use of the out of the box Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to read incoming sales documents from Outlook email to automatically populate Invoices within Business Central. This will save you the time and headache of having to manually enter information that you already possess in another Microsoft applications.

System Integration & Budgeting Challenges – A Solutions Primer for the Behavioral Health Industry Webinar

Accurate and timely information is more important than ever. That can’t happen unless your Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and your payroll service are seamlessly integrated with your ERP (accounting) software and you have a strong budgeting and reporting solution to quickly and easily model the impact of changes to funding and services.  

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how ManerLink, our integration middleware, is being used by numerous organizations just like yours to solve integration challenges. See a demonstration of how seamlessly data can flow from PCE to Dynamics GP, for example. And learn how that information  can be used to empower your managers to make better decisions.   

Third Party Thursday - AvidXchange

Want to move your business forward, but your Accounts Payable (AP) processes are holding your back? Increased flexibility is now expected as many companies adopt work from anywhere policies. Yet 80 percent of small and medium sized businesses rely on paper checks to pay their bills.

Embracing technology to create a more efficient and streamlined AP cycle from end-to-end can reduce administrative costs and the dependence on manual labor and paper. Bringing your AP process into the future will give your AP team the tools to be more productive and strategic with their work, while providing greater transparency for suppliers waiting on payments. So are you ready to take your AP to the next level? Join Mark Voigt to learn best practices that you can put in action to generate an immediate impact.

Third Party Thursday – Ins And Outs Of Power BI Part 2

Join Microsoft MVP Belinda Allen in this recorded webinar on Microsoft Power BI.

Third Party Thursday – Performance Planning Webinar

Employee Performance Planning and how it can impact businesses of all sizes in turns of succession, planning, and reduction of turnover.

Third Party Thursday-Corporate Business Analytics and Faster Financial Reporting with Jet

To analyze trends and make quick, impactful business decisions, you need a solution that can handle your Dynamics data as well as data inputs from multiple sources. Building on the powerful and flexible reporting from Jet Reports, Jet Analytics goes further, bringing your data to life to create valuable business insight.

In this recorded webinar we will show you how to:

  • Create accurate, up to date reports that are free from human error and full of rich insights
  • Consolidate the data of multiple ERPs, business entities, or legacy databases, or business systems so you can quickly analyze performance, spot trends, and make impactful business decisions, no matter where your data lives
  • Combine Jet Analytics with PowerBI to build and share powerful, visually stunning dashboards in minutes, without technical expertise.

Third Party Thursday - How to Keep AP Moving, Even When You Can’t be in the Office

Many of us are currently required to work from home. Companies and their finance departments all over the world are forced to adapt. 
Time does not stop, financial obligations must be respected, and more than ever, business needs to keep going. 
The continuity of accounts payable operations is crucial to avoid cash flow crises and helps support our suppliers, clients, and overall economy. 
In this recorded webinar, find out How to Keep AP Moving, Even When You Can’t be in the Office, and how to more efficiently use AP automation software. 
Why should you automate? Why now? 
How to choose the optimal solution
How you can be operational quickly and easily
Live Demo - Q&A

Third Party Thursday ActivReporter Introduction and Overview to an Excel Based, Affordable, User

ActivReporter is an Excel-based replacement ActivReporter: Excel-Based, Affordable, User Friendly MR Replacement for Management Reporter or FRx.  As you are aware, Management Reporter has no future roadmap in GP environments.  Every number in the Excel spreadsheet is drilldown-able to the underlying detail and drill-back-able to the original posting in Dynamics GP.

Third Party Thursday - From Payroll Taxes to Timesheets and Onboarding – Let Us Handle That

Greenshades Software has been a leader in payroll tax compliance. Payroll taxes are complex and compliance changes regularly. This is why Greenshades has continued to be a go-to source, giving payroll professionals the confidence and knowledge to process their payroll taxes without worry.
In addition, the Greenshades employee portal features robust solutions that make the day-to-day easier for everyone across the company, from the employees, to payroll and human resource, to management. Paystubs, time clocks, paid time off requests, onboarding, and more are accessible anywhere with internet access.