Maner Costerisan Technology Solutions launches CPM Practice

We have seen a growing interest among our clients over the last year or two in budgeting and reporting solutions and in business analytics.   In the software industry, the term that has been coined for this is Corporate Performance Management or CPM.

We think this interest in CPM solutions is going to continue to grow.  As such, we’re excited to announce that we have officially launched our new Corporate Performance Management (CPM) practice.

Why CPM, you may be asking?   There are two primary reasons:

  1. Most mid-market organizations have multiple applications that they run their business on.  For example, an Association might have a membership system, an HR/Payroll service and an accounting software backend.   A manufacturer, on the other hand, might have a CRM, an ERP system and an HR/Payroll Service.   For budgeting and reporting, you want to be able to pull information from all of those systems, not just the accounting or ERP system.
  2. To address the preceding challenge, most businesses turn to Excel.   That works, but is not timely and is prone to human error.   If you have multiple people involved in the budgeting and reporting processes, those Excel issues increase exponentially.

CPM solutions offer the benefits of Excel without any of the downside.   For growing businesses, they are becoming a must have.

We have done an extensive review of the various CPM solutions on the market and have identified two that we now sell and support – Adaptive Insights and Solver BI360.    For more information on these solutions and on our CPM practice, please visit our website or contact Dave Henson ( or James Meyer (