2020 Technology advances
Tech Tea

Most of the articles we see on 2020 reference it as a year to forget.  From a technology perspective, we think it’s a year to remember. It’s a year where organizations were forced, whether they wanted to or not, to embrace digital transformation. In the process, they discovered that employees can work from home and still be productive. Here are two key pieces of technology enabled in 2020:

  1. Video conferencing & collaboration platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Google Meets)

At Maner Costerisan, we primarily use Microsoft Teams for collaboration and conferencing. It has totally transformed the way we conduct business both internally and with clients. That being said, holding remote meetings can still be a challenge. If you’re looking for some tips on simple things teams can do right now to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively and keep everyone engaged, here’s a great eBook from Microsoft that can help:  10 Ways to Run Effective Remote Meetings

  1. Cloud based ERP systems (e.g. Sage Intacct & Microsoft Business Central)

Prior to 2020, most of our Dynamics GP clients were not very interested in moving to a cloud-based ERP system.   They were very happy with Dynamics GP and didn’t see a reason to change. 2020 changed that, the ability to work remotely from anywhere, on any device was suddenly a much more attractive proposition. Then, on top of that, many of our Dynamics GP clients were faced with unexpected, expensive upgrades toward the end of 2020 because the government changed the 1099 reporting rules. With multi-tenant, cloud-based software like Sage Intacct and Microsoft Business Central, upgrades are a thing of the past. They roll out automatically, so everyone is always on the most current version of the software.  In addition to never having to worry about upgrades again, you get the added benefit of being able to take advantage of new functionality and technology immediately. 

Due to the benefits listed above as well as many others, several of our Dynamics GP clients made the decision in 2020 to convert to either Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Sage Intacct. We see this trend continuing to grow and it has been a huge benefit for our clients. If there is one message we consistently hear after clients switch, it’s “I wish I had done it sooner”.

If you’re interested in moving to a cloud solution, contact us today, At no cost to you, we’ll help you assess your situation and provide you with your various options, including a 5-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison of Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct and Business Central.