Virtual Meetings and Conferences
Tech Tea

With the whole world on lock down, and an almost completely remote workforce, electronic meetings seem to be and will remain the new norm.  With so many companies that offer e-meetings, how do you select the best one?  We’ll make the selection easy, it’s Microsoft Teams!

Most, if not all organizations use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for email, and applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  But did you know that if you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber you have teams already at your disposal?  That’s right, the Teams application is part of the 365 suite of tools and is the perfect choice for e-meetings.  Having the ability to integrate right into the rest of the 365 suite is invaluable, with little things like calendar and scheduling through Outlook. The ability to save meeting notes and documents using SharePoint, chat functions, and even document editing on the fly!  Features like that, coupled with the ability to run and use Teams across any device, make it a rock star for organizations with a distributed workforce.  

Let’s say you’re out of the office, maybe at the cottage, and the board president calls a meeting. Oh no, everyone will know you’re enjoying the boat!  Not so fast, Teams even lets you blur your background, or select a backdrop that looks like your home office so no one will know if you’re on the boat or hard at work in the home office!  Cool little things like that make Teams fun to use and practical, given the times we live in.  Since the Microsoft 365 suite is built on Microsoft security, it meets all the stringent requirements like HIPAA and other privacy laws, so you know it’s secure.

The best part of Teams right now is that it’s free.  That’s right, if you aren’t a 365 subscriber, Microsoft is giving you the opportunity to try Teams for 6 months no strings attached!  You have no reason not to sign up right now and test drive the most powerful, flexible, most secure electronic meeting solution on the market.  

If you find you still have questions about using Teams or any other aspect of the Microsoft 365 suite you’re in luck!  Maner’s technology experts are ready to assist you, with real life experience, as we use all of the products ourselves organization wide. When you’re ready to become a 365 subscriber, we have you covered again. We are a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Service Provider) which means that we are able to sell and provision 365 licenses and we can get you up and running right away. For more information about the 365 suite of tools including Teams, please contact Joe DeLuca, 517-886-9568 or

Take the first step to simplifying your e-meeting needs and begin using Teams today, you’ll be glad you did!