Tech Tea

Top 10 Support Resolutions for GP

by Jessica Myers

One of the most common support resolutions relates to issues with remote access.  In today’s remote environment, people have to figure out how to navigate working effectively and efficiently. One of the biggest frustrations people face is not being able to connect to their accounting software. A common solution to address that is to use a terminal server or remote desktop connection to provide remote access. What many people don’t realize when using remote desktop, however, is the importance of signing out of it properly. Just like shutting down and restarting your computer, clicking the windows tile icon and signing out of remote desktop will refresh your profile and clear the temp files. When people stay logged in and show up as a disconnected user, they will sometime begin to receive an unknown dictionary error when trying to access Dynamics GP. If you run into that message, the quickest and easiest resolution, the majority of the time, is to sign out all remote desktop sessions. 

Another common error that users sometimes run into is the dreaded “FP! Table Close” that is caused by something in your computer environment.   If you encounter that error, the common resolutions are: 

  1. Adjust your sleep/power settings on your PC
  2. Review your DNS, cable connections, network adapters
  3. Remove Dynamics folder from Anti-virus scan
  4. Make sure the temp files are not full

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