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Last week (October 6, 2020), Microsoft released a new service pack for GP 2018.  This service pack is a “must-install” pack, first for the proverbial plethora of new features contained in the service pack, and second, because it corrects a problem with the Word Template feature that arose last month due to an Office update that automatically was installed on many clients’ computers.  If you use Word Templates to print and email ACH Remittances, Purchase Orders, or Sales Invoices and Orders, this is the best-practices solution.

But what about the new features, you ask?  And why is Microsoft doing these in a “mere” service pack?  Well, Microsoft is no longer creating major upgrades that contain new features.  Instead, they are introducing new features now via service packs, which are much less time-consuming (and less costly) to install.  These service packs will come out once or twice each year.  This makes it easier for you, the client, to benefit.

Among some of the more prominent features in this service pack are:

  • The new 1099-NEC form, going into effect in 2021, for Non-Compensation to Vendors (replaces Box 7 on 1099-MISC)
  • Updates to existing 1099 MISC form
  • Excel Copy/Paste feature for Accounts payable distribution window (works similarly to Journal Entry Copy/Paste)
  • Print to Screen automatically maximizes window
  • Disable Print dialog window when printing to Word
  • Smartlists – add multiple columns at one time to new Smartlist
  • A Social Security Number mask for HR reports (previously only for some Payroll reports)
  • Schedule Check Links
  • DBA for Vendor field
  • Import Credit Card transactions
  • And more…………………………….

Some items to note: This service pack is only for GP 2018.  The Word Template fix for GP 2016 will be available in the year-end service pack (usually released in November).  Year-end Payroll changes for both GP 2016 and GP 2018 will be in the November service pack.  Remember, there are no more releases for GP 2015 and before.  

If you need assistance with downloading and installing this important service pack, please contact Maner Costerisan to have a friendly, qualified GP consultant help you, 517.323.7500 or