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General Ledger: GL Outlier Detection  
This feature is in early adopter phase, so it’s not available for everyone yet. But organizations can seek to opt-in to this feature on an early adopter status. This feature works alongside journal entry approvals to train Sage Intacct’s artificial intelligence engine to catch erroneous entries before they are posted. The engine assesses the patterns of approvals and declines and uses this information to better flag future transactions and whether the entry is likely to be an outlier. If you are interested in opting into the early adopter phase of this feature, please send an email off to requesting that this process is started. 

Accounts Receivable: Brand new Receive Payments UI
With this update to the Receive Payments screen in Accounts Receivable, all the major processes within Sage Intacct have been migrated to the new Action UI. This new Receive Payments screen allows you greater flexibility when filtering and sorting for invoices, applying payments and credits to individual invoice lines, and overall streamlining the process and unifying the layout with the rest of the system.  

Accounts Payable: AP Bill Approvals 
Several releases ago, Sage Intacct provided the new ability to enable AP Bill approvals. This allows AP bills to be approved outside of the payment process without using the Purchasing module. This release allows approvers to make dimensional and informational edits to the AP bills at the point of their approval. Before, approvers had to decline the bill to open it up for edits before submitting again for approval. This will greatly help organizations using AP bill approvals by reducing back-and-forth processing and clicks to get a bill approved. Do note though that, if the amount of the bill is changed, it needs to be declined before processing. 

Purchasing: Transaction allocations are now available on all posting and non-posting purchasing transactions.  
Sage Intacct now allows you to tag transaction allocations on all transaction types whether they post to the GL/AP or not. This is useful for organizations who utilize the Purchasing module and need to allocate their expenses and purchases on a percentage or fixed amount basis out to predetermined combinations of dimensions. Historically, transaction allocations were only supported in Accounts Payable and General Ledger, so this can be a major enhancement to your organization’s Purchasing module usage. 

Reporting: Freeze First Column 
Sage Intacct now supports freezing of the first column on financial reports that are multiple columns wide. Now you may scroll horizontally across reports that have many columns without needing to scroll back to the beginning to reorient yourself with your accounts or dimensions. 

Consultant’s #1 New Feature
One of Sage Intacct’s greatest strengths as part of its dimensional general ledger is the ease of creating parent/child hierarchies of dimensions. This enables simple rollup reporting while still allowing for detailed individual level reporting. 

As part of this new release, these parent-level rollup dimensions can be set to a 3rd status: active non-posting. Dimensions set to this status can be selected for reporting and for rolling up child dimensions, but they cannot be posted to. This eliminates the occasional problem where transactions are posted directly to a parent-level which can lead to some end of period cleanup. 

This feature allows this posting limitation to be set up easily by an end-user through the interface instead of requiring a custom smart rule. 

If you have any questions or would like more details on the above features, please contact