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Sage Intacct – Getting Better Every Day!

Sage Intacct 2020 Release 3 is here.  Released on August 21st, here are some of the exciting new features:

  • EASIER TOP LEVEL ACCESS FOR MULTI-ENTITY ORGANIZATIONS - If you inadvertently close your top level tab, you don't need to sign in again. You can now select your top level from the entity picker list:
Sage Intacct Getting Better Every Day
  • NEW TIMEOUT WARNING - As you are reaching the end of your session or inactivity duration, you now receive a notification so you can save your work or continue your session. This also includes the ability to receive a desktop notification should you be working in another application!
  • DYNAMIC ALLOCATIONS ACROSS ENTITIES - Multi-entity companies are now able to use this powerful allocation tool to allocate amounts across entities!  If you are using spreadsheets to calculate monthly allocation entries, you should check this out! 
  • CREDIT CARD RECONCILIATION - Out with the old, in with the new! A new credit card reconciliation process replaces the old process. Designed to handle large volumes of transactions with ease, this new process connects your credit card accounts to bank feeds and allows you to automate your reconciliation process.
  • CASH MANAGEMENT - Updates to credit card and charge payoffs workflows and updates to bank reconciliation.
  • RECURRING JEs - Quickly generate a new recurring entry from any existing journal entry!
  • BUDGETS - Balance sheet budgets are now stored “for period” and the “End of period” is no longer used. You must now enter the amount budgeted for each period rather than the ending cumulative balances for each period.
  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - Prevent editing on posted transactions after printing or emailing. You can now use Smart Rules for AR payments.
  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Amount to pay field updates automatically when you enter a credit for a payment.  Also, you no longer have to wait to complete the payment flow on a partial payment in order to pay off the balance of a partially paid bill.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the above release features, contact us at 517.323.7500 or