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PowerBI & Sage Intacct

by Wes Salisbury

At the Using Sage Intacct with Power BI session at our Solutions Conference, we covered some of the options for Integrating Power BI with Intacct. The majority of the time, though, was spent showcasing the power of Power BI’s data visualizations, dashboards, and artificial intelligence features. 

As of the writing of this, Power BI does not have a native API integration with Sage Intacct, using our Manerlink integration tool to we showed how you can synchronize Sage Intacct data into Power BI. Manerlink, by the way, can also be used to automate other import/export functions as well. If you need your data refreshed on a less frequent basis and/or don’t have Manerlink, you can always extract the data you want out of Intacct as an Excel or CSV file and Power BI can utilize that. 

Once you get the data you want to use in a location that is accessible by Power BI, it is simple to pull the fields and values you need to define the axes, time periods, and data labels you want to see. The neat thing about Power BI is that it’s a flexible data exploration platform as well as a reporting tool. Power BI supports easy slicing-and-dicing by simply selecting the data visualization element that you want to contextualize your report by. 

For example, say you have a dashboard with visualizations that show revenue over time, revenue by salesperson, and revenue by customer market. If you select a particular customer market, all of the visualizations on the report will be updated and redrawn to be filtered by just that selection. In other words, the revenue over time is shown for only that customer market, and the revenue by salesperson graph is shown for only those individuals who sold product to the selected customer market. 

In addition to this functionality, Power BI allows you deploy artificial intelligence-driven smart narratives, which present automatic insights into the data. This type of functionality allows an end user to see insights that they themselves may not have noticed. Smart narratives will indicate in natural language that revenue for one product line spiked 35% over a three-month period, or that expense account 6800 had a large spike in department A on project B for location C in October, even though the visual graphs may not get into this level of detail. 

This is just a small sampling of what was discussed during the session, as Power BI is a feature-filled, powerful visualization tool that is sure to be enhanced rapidly in the coming months and years. 

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“Thank you for the breakout sessions on Intacct. Being new to the software, a few months ago, it was good to dig a bit deeper. We especially are excited to create some reports leveraging dimension structures in financial reporting after watching Mike's breakout session!”

Kelley Buko, Director of Operations, Partner Solutions