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For Users on GP2018 or GP 18.2 - you need to install the year-end update if you are processing 1099s out of Dynamics GP due to the changes to the forms. You will be updated to GP 18.3 after the installation of the year-end update.

For Users on GP 2016 - The 2020 U.S. Year-end Update is targeted to be released around 11/20/2020. Changes included will be the 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC form updates, payroll updates and a Dynamics GP word template fix.  If you haven’t already, please start planning now to upgrade Dynamics GP 2016 to latest version as Mainstream Support ends 7/13/2021.

For Users on GP 2015 - There is no year-end update nor tax table updates. Please call us to schedule an upgrade.

Contact us with questions on updates to your system, 517.323.7500.