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The #1 Cloud-Based ERP Software

Exclusively preferred by the AICPA, Sage Intacct is a modern, cloud-based ERP solution built to support the financial and accounting needs of growing businesses. With detailed dashboards and powerful reporting tools, Sage Intacct helps your business uncover new financial insights, simplify complex processes, and improve overall efficiency.  A simple implementation process, low starting costs, streamlined workflows, and an intuitive interface make Sage Intacct the ideal choice for any organization looking to take their financial accounting systems to the next level.

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Powerful Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct empowers you to take control of your finances. With the ability to slice and dice your data real-time across multiple financial dimensions, you can create user-defined dashboards and reports which give you, and your key stakeholders, the financial insights and key performance metrics needed to make better, more informed business decisions. No other ERP solution has the built-in reporting flexibility of Sage Intacct.

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Streamlined Workflows

User-defined workflows streamline internal processes like vendor invoice approval, payment processing, bank reconciliations, and integrations with external applications. Automating business operations saves you time, reduces operating costs, and eliminates the risk of data re-entry and other costly errors.

Greater Visibility across Locations

Get real-time visibility into your business' financial health. With Sage Intacct's dashboard tools and shared database architecture, you have unparalleled visibility across your entire enterprise. Compare data across multiple entities with just the click of a button. Consolidated financial reporting and inter-company transaction management have never been easier. Managing multi-entity, multi-location organizations takes on a whole new dimension with Sage Intacct.

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More Flexibility

View your financial information from anywhere at anytime. Sage Intacct stores your data in one centralized place that you can quickly access from different devices like your smart phone and tablet. This flexibility makes it easier to grab the information you need, when you need it, whether you're working remotely or presenting your data to stakeholders.

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The faster we grow, the more difficult it becomes for our two majority owners to maintain a hands-on approach with each restaurant. With Sage Intacct, we can now organize financials any way they need and provide better insight into the profitability of certain locations or groups of restaurants. With Sage Intacct, we are able to filter our financials by region to see trends and analyze key figures to determine which regions are able to sustain growth or need attention.


Tammy Getschman, Director of Accounting, S&L Companies

Our Process

At Maner Solutions, we're committed to finding the right solution to meet all your accounting and operation needs. Here's how our process works:



Contact us to schedule an initial discovery meeting so we can get to know you better and understand your goals.



Based on our initial meeting, we will present you with a Summary of Findings and an initial ROI Analysis.



The next step is a tailored solution demo or presentation to share our recommendations and ideas.


Action Plan

Lastly, we will mutually agree on an action plan and we will use our proven Implementation Methodology to get you quickly operational on time and on budget.

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