Integrating Line of Business Applications with Accounting

ManerLink, a seamless integration middleware tool that saves time, improves controls and much more. With ManerLink, life suddenly gets better.

  • Fully automated integration. Saves time by eliminating the need for separate exports and imports. Can be scheduled to run automatically. Posted batches automatically sync with no user intervention required.
  • Improved accounting controls. Keeps a record of all transactions and notifies the user if something didn’t not transfer properly.
  • Better audit trails. Additional descriptive detail minimizes the need to refer back originating software to determine what the journal entries relate to.
  • Easy error correction. Errors, such as missing or invalid account numbers, are retained in the transactions table and can easily be corrected by the end-user and re-imported.
  • Low overhead. ManerLink™ runs in the background as a self-contained, dedicated service with low overhead and minimal administrative requirements.
  • Intercompany support. Automatically creates due-to and due-from transactions, if applicable.

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