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Your Blueprint to Success

If Excel is your primary budgeting and reporting tool, you have likely run into issues with version control, broken formulas, reporting inconsistencies, and information that is neither timely nor accurate. Avoid these issues by implementing a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution like Solver. With help from Maner Solutions, we can create your blueprint to better planning and business success.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

The majority of small and mid-sized businesses use Excel to create budgets. This approach may work if you are simply conducting top down budgeting and annual budget revisions. If multiple people are involved in the budgeting process, or you're regularly revising your budget, you need a more robust solution. Our CPM solutions will streamline the budgeting process and allow you to conduct re-forecasts and what-if analyses at the push of a button.

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Financial Reporting & KPIs

Take your financial reporting to the next level with the additional flexibility and tools that CPM report writers offer. Whether it's consolidating financial statements from multiple systems or conducting impromptu budget adjustments, your ability to automate financial reporting is greatly enhanced. Plus, you can pull statistical data from other applications and include your Key Performance Indicators in your reports without importing the stats into your general ledger.

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Consolidations and Allocations

Consolidate companies at any level quickly and easily.  Maner Solutions can help you consolidate financial information from separate ERP/accounting systems.  Typical financial reporting challenges, like partial ownership, intercompany eliminations, and automatic end-of-period allocations can all be handled automatically with Solver.

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Centralized Data Warehouse

Create one source of truth by storing all of your financial and operational data in a centralized warehouse. By keeping all of your data in one location, you can more easily create consistent, reliable reports and analyze data more efficiently.

Our Process

At Maner Solutions, we're committed to finding the right solution to meet all your accounting and operation needs. Here's how our process works:



Contact us to schedule an initial discovery meeting so we can get to know you better and understand your goals.



Based on our initial meeting, we will present you with a Summary of Findings and an initial ROI Analysis.



The next step is a tailored solution demo or presentation to share our recommendations and ideas.


Action Plan

Lastly, we will mutually agree on an action plan and we will use our proven Implementation Methodology to get you quickly operational on time and on budget.

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