Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad
(Better Data, Better Distribution)

As a distributor facing the constant challenges of trying to keep up with your customers’ requirements while keeping your costs low and your margins wide enough to sustain your business, you need the ERP solution designed for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad provides a complete, end-to-end solution for distributors which extends beyond just managing financial, operational and supply chain data, but also provides extensive business intelligence and analysis, improves customer satisfaction, increases sales, and supports business growth as a whole.

Find out how leading distributors leverage Dynamics GP & SalePad to:

  • Improve operational efficiency to achieve growth strategies
  • Drive exceptional service through better collaboration and improved visibility into operations and customer demand
  • Reduce training time, boost efficiency and speed-up channel development
  • Recognize and respond faster and more accurately to emerging changes in customer demand
  • Improve data visibility so you are better informed and can make more confident decisions
  • Monitor and manage inventory real-time for greater profitability and customer satisfaction


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